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Pharma-medical Science College of Canada (Pharma-Medical) is one of North America’s leading educational institution dedicated to training healthcare professionals and helping students achieve their career goals in healthcare sectors.

The best way to learn about Pharma-Medical College’s admission requirements is to meet with a Career Counselor. During this meeting, career counselor will discuss your career goals and interests, provide you with the programs information and learn more about our faculty and facilities, also provide free financial estimation and financial advisory


Mature Student College Admission Requirements

The minimum requirement for admission to Pharma-Medical College is a high school diploma, unless otherwise specified in the program outline. Applicants who have not achieved a high school diploma can apply as a mature student and must provide proof of age and pass an entrance exam or provide education equivalencies documents.

Each Pharma-Medical College program also has its own admissions requirements such as grade point average and prerequisite courses, which you can learn more about through during the meeting with a career counsellor. Further information is available by setting up an appointment career counsellor.

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