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ECA Is A Growing Career In Ontario Now!

The early childcare Assistant program is another very demanding and high-potential career for individuals who are very enthusiastic to work with children and toddlers. This is a high-demanding job at the moment as the number of daycare centers springing up in Canada is increasing at a very fast pace. Pharma-Medical Science College is proudly launching its Early Child-care Assistant Diploma Program starting from this fall in September 2014. The curriculum is specially designed to focus on: Health and Safety, Children’s infancy, Toddler and Preschool development, interactive and two-way communications, child mental development and guidance, developing educational theories, designing age-reflective curriculum, and program management while working with families where needed.

Economically saying the number of ladies working in this occupation is quite high as ladies prefer to work in this environment with children of different ages. The need for daycare services depends a lot on the number of women in the labor market. This factor has been one of the prime reasons for the promising employment growth in this occupation over the last couple of years. The female labor force rate working with children below the age group of 6years has increased by more than 160%, according to data from Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Survey.

The good news is from a report by Service Canada about individuals under this occupation, the labor market situation for graduates of these programs is expected to remain just as positive over the coming years. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • the number of child care centers continues to rise at a healthy pace
  • According to a regulation adopted in 2006 at present private day-care centers now require more qualified early childhood educators/assistants (as opposed to less than 50% in 2006 and only 55% in 2010).
  • The birth rate continues to be higher than the last 10 years, thus increasing numbers of day-care centers opening up as their demand keeps rising;
  • The number of new students in these programs has increased only very slightly in recent years.

According to census data, women hold more than 95% of the jobs in this occupation in 2006, and the number is expected to be growing fast. This percentage should stay stable over the next few years because approximately 98% of the new graduates in child care education/settings are women.

So ladies with a passion for working in a child-care setting, what are you waiting for? Your dream Career is waiting here right in front of you!