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Empowering Newcomers: Windmill Microlending Opens Doors for Canadian Dreams


Moving to a new country can be both exciting and daunting for newcomers. Adapting to a new culture, seeking employment, and navigating financial challenges can pose significant barriers to their integration. In Canada, one organization stands out as a beacon of hope for these newcomers – Windmill Microlending. In this blog post, we will explore how Windmill Microlending is making a profound difference in the lives of Canadian newcomers, empowering them to achieve their dreams and create a better future.


Understanding the Challenges Faced by Newcomers:

The journey of a newcomer in Canada comes with its unique set of challenges, including language barriers, lack of Canadian work experience, and financial constraints. These obstacles can hinder their ability to secure meaningful employment and, in turn, impact their overall integration into Canadian society. Windmill Microlending recognizes these challenges and strives to provide a solution that opens doors to opportunities for newcomers.


The Windmill Microlending Difference:

Windmill Microlending is a non-profit organization that focuses on supporting newcomers in Canada by providing them with interest-free microloans. These loans are designed to assist with the cost of professional accreditation, training, or education that will help them pursue their desired careers. By offering financial support, Windmill Microlending helps newcomers overcome one of the most significant barriers they face in the Canadian job market.


The Impact on Newcomer Lives:

Through the financial support provided by Windmill Microlending, many newcomers have been able to obtain the necessary credentials, upgrade their skills, or complete educational programs required for their chosen professions. This empowerment not only improves their job prospects but also enhances their confidence and sense of belonging in their new home. Numerous success stories showcase how Windmill Microlending has transformed lives and allowed newcomers to contribute their skills and talents to Canadian society.


Information for applicants

Who can apply

Windmill Microlending provides a unique, community-based channel of access to credit for immigrants (permanent residents, Convention refugees, protected persons, Canadian citizens and provincial nominees) who want to return to their pre-immigration careers or a related field, want to advance in their careers, or want to take their skills and experience in another career direction have a plan that will lead them to employment in their field of choice but do not have the resources to pay for it cannot access mainstream credit due to unemployment or low “survival job” income, lack of credit history in Canada, or lack of assets or collateral

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Conditions of the loan

Applicants don’t need collateral or a credit history in Canada. Interest is normally 1.5% above the prime rate. The average loan is $10,000, but up to $15,000 may be borrowed. Applicants are required to provide personal references, have a strong learning plan in place, and be willing to repay the loan. The loan may be used only for purposes related to

·         Canadian accreditation, upgrading, and training, including relocation costs for employment

·         course materials

·         fees for licensing and qualifying exams

·         credential assessments

·         living allowance during a period of study, while completing the learning plan


Windmill Microlending plays a pivotal role in empowering Canadian newcomers to overcome financial obstacles and realize their professional aspirations. By providing interest-free microloans, this organization opens doors of opportunity, ultimately fostering a more inclusive and diverse Canadian society. As we celebrate the success stories of newcomers supported by Windmill Microlending, let us continue to rally behind this essential cause, ensuring that every newcomer can pursue their Canadian dreams with confidence and determination.