2018 Ontario Budget: New Funds Available for Students
09 Apr 2018 Aaron Bowes

2018 Ontario Budget: New Funds Available for Students Featured

2018 Ontario Budget: New Funds Available for Students


On March 28th 2018, the government of Ontario released a budget that includes significant investments in creating new opportunities in the Private Career College (PCC) sector.


Those who are interested in a promising career in the increasingly demanding fields of health, home, child and mental health care should inquire about the following diploma and certificate programs we offer at Pharma-Medical Science College:



The large investment of $30 million to enhance capacities of colleges and universities has sparked new opportunities in financial assistance offered by the provincial government. Students from a family earning $90,000 per year can now receive $3,200 in additional OSAP assistance. This spike in available funds is along with other current financial assistant initiatives allow training to become achievable by many new and current Ontario residents.

For more information about qualifying for financial assistance including OSAP and Second Career, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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