Home Based Child Care Certificate Program

Pharma-Medical Science College of Canada launched a new Certificate Training Program in January 2015. The name of the Program is- Home Based Child Care Certificate Program. The fundamental of the training will be to provide training to individuals who are enthusiastic in providing excellent child care from the boundary of their own homes. A home child care is a business that requires passion, patience and proper guidance through training.

The Home Based Child Care Certificate is a training session indicating completion of the 8 sessions (24 hours) program. The Home Based Child Care (HBCC) training certificate willbe awarded to individuals who successfully attend and participate in the Program. These providers care for newborns, toddlers and pre-school-aged children. They may offer care for school-aged children too before and after regular school hours, at lunch, andon holidays, PA days, winter, March and summer breaks full day as well. So this small business has good potentials overall.

Who can/ should apply?

1. Individuals who are interested to open up their business from the convenience of home.

2. Parents who intend to take help from care providers for their own children and want to know more about the provincialregulations and procedures regarding home based child care.

Children from birth to 12 years.


There are some major benefits of a home-based child care facility for the caregiver as well as for the potential clients. So it’s a win-win situation.

  • There is a family atmosphere
  • Very-low risk of infection
  • Flexible hours with part- time possibilities
  • Caregivers can give good attention to children due to comparatively smaller groups
  • Facilities are strictly monitored to maintain very good sanitation, hygiene and other required  standards
  • There are good possibility of inclusion for children with special needs
  • Providers receive training occasionally to update their skills
  • Providers have access to subsidy system in some localities under special circumstances

The HBCC Program is designed to provide basic information to individuals interested in providing child care from the comfort of their own homes. Without this Training Completion Certificate an individual is not eligible to open up his/her own child care facility at home.

The ministry provide license to many private-home day care agencies. These agencies in return can then contract individual caregivers who offer Home Based Child Care out of their own home.

So this home-based care facility really has good potentials for people willing to start up a small business with a noble purpose!

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