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First Aid and CPR Certificate

Pharma-Medical College offers Standard First Aid and CPR ( Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation ) training for those who need it due to work requirements or to gain more knowledge to respond to unexpected emergencies at home.

Topics Covered

  • Muscle, Bone and Joint injuries
  • Sudden medical emergencies
  • How to respond to emergencies
  • Wound Care
  • Respiratory and cardiac arrest
  • Circulation and Breathing Emergencies
  • The EMS system
  • Check, Call, Care
  • Airway emergencies
Benefits of First Aid and CPR Course

First Aid and CPR Training is important as it teaches you how to administer First Aid when you are in a life saving situation. You may face this situation in your home or workplace or in any public place. On the other hand, having a First Aid and CPR certificate will be beneficial for job search as it look good on your resume while applying for high risk jobs


100% Attendance in the course, Demonstration of Skills, and minimum 75% passing grade at written exam to Successfully complete the course

The Standard First Aid and CPR course will provide you a 3 Year Certification in First Aid

Some of the Jobs Where Standard First Aid and CPR is Required

Personal Support Worker As working in Nursing homes, hospitals, long term and short term care facilities, one of the primary responsibilities of a Personal Support Worker is to help people facing chronic health issues. – Security Guard Security Guard often experience situations while patrolling, monitoring surveillance where they have to maintain a safe environment for individuals and employees in the surroundings – Social Workers Social Workers work with groups and families which may require immediate help in any emergencies – Teachers and Staff CPR and First Aid Training is required for Teachers and School Staff as Children are prone to illness, choking etc. It is their responsibility to help children and infants in any emergency – Healthcare and Medical Careers It is a responsibility of an individual working in Healthcare and Medical field to have a Standard First Aid and CPR training as they may find themselves in a situation where they can use these skills in emergencies to save someone’s life

Requirements for Standard First Aid and CPR Training Course

  • There is no prerequisite for this course as anyone can do this
  • Those who want to make / help community safer
  • Anyone who wants more knowledge on how to respond in emergencies in a workplace or home

My First Aid and CPR certificate is expired, can I do recertification?

Yes! You can be recertified in First Aid and CPR before your certificate expires. If your certificate already expired, you are required to take the Full Standard First Aid and CPR course over 2 days. Pharma-Medical College will help you get extended certificate for another 3 years

Will I get a job after doing the First Aid and CPR Certificate?

First Aid and CPR Training is important but not a requirement for all job roles you will / are applying. If you are applying to work in a high risk job which is more prone to hazards such as serious injury or illness then it will be prerequisite to have First Aid and CPR Training. Moreover, jobs such as nannies , childcare workers, school teachers require First Aid and CPR Training

How to Register or Recertify

Call at 416-821-4876 or 647-996-5876 or Visit Pharma-Medical College

505 Consumers Road, Suite 100, Toronto, ON M2J 4V8

2 Billingham Road, Etobicoke, ON M9B 6E1