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Graduate Day 2014
Graduation Day 2014!

Pharma-Medical Science College of Canada is happy to announce that we have crossed another milestone this year with great success. We have made another great achievement with a huge bunch of students passing out as graduates this year with flying colors! The day was marked with thrill, excitement, and enthusiasm from all sides.

It was the day of 19th July 2014 a lovely Saturday morning that Pharma-Medical Science College held its graduation event on its own premises in a grand manner with graduates passing out from all our diploma programs. There were more than 100 graduates from all disciplines of studies who gathered to enjoy the most memorable day of their lives with the presence of their dear friends and family members. The Program was inaugurated by the Dean, Kathy Lee, all staff of PSCC and also with the gracious presence of our respectable instructors.

The ceremony began with a speech from the President, academic instructors where they delivered words of wisdom on how important a day it was in their life as they were now going to make important contributing factors in the society for the betterment of the lives of people around them. It is not just a day to celebrate their accomplishment but also a day to keep in mind that they have much bigger responsibility on their shoulders now to carry on under the banner of PSCC. Pharma Medical Science College has a rich course curriculum and a group of one of the finest teaching instructors who have groomed the students over their training period with the required skills and expertise that will boost their confidence to hunt for future potential opportunities in their future professional path.

Students who have done excellent performance throughout their study at PSCC were all awarded a special award of excellence other than their most awaited diploma. Special gifts on behalf of the school were given to all our invaluable students as a token of remembrance so that they keep the thoughts of PSCC in their minds even when they have left the school after graduation. These small steps help the students to have a sense of recognition as well as help them to step the extra mile in their career path while looking for employment opportunities.

The graduation ceremony was followed by picture taking of all the students in groups with their respective teacher and Dean and also individually to hold the picture alive forever in the heart. The event was later followed by a grand multi-national cuisine from different countries which were enjoyed by all the members of PSCC, graduates and their families.

It was definitely a day to remember as everyone gathered to share their joy and happiness of their proud achievements and ready to embark on a journey in their career path with a bright future filled with hopes and expectations.

A milestone passed,
New things have begun,
Dreams are shining as the sun,
A goal achieved,
A victory won!
That’s the graduation day!