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I came to Toronto two years ago. As a new immigrant, I was excited and worried about new life on a new continent. The society is completely different from the country where I have lived for 30 years before. I was wondering about how I can pursue my dream in a new country. 
I was recommended to Pharma-Medical Science College of Canada. I went to the school to look for some pieces of advice. The principal Mrs. Kathy strongly suggested me to take Medical Lab Technician course after she heard my worries. At the same time she introduced me with the instructor Mrs. Rita, a technologist with more than 17 years work experience. She explained to me that the course will help students build up new skills from the basic knowledge. The aim is to produce qualifies healthcare workers by studying step by step. 
At the first day of the class Mr. Rita gave us a long list of medical terminologies to memorize. She explained to us that medical science is a serious science. Those terminologies are basic knowledge and the corner stone of the whole course. The only way to master the skills for this profession is to study hard from the beginning and never take it for granted. During the practice lab classes , she showed us every critical step according to lab procedures. When we did practice ourselves she corrected our mistakes with great patience. 
Instructors at Pharma-Medical college never hesitates to help students. I appreciate all the efforts the staff did for me to finish the course and get used to the new life. 
Jason Jing
Medical Lab Technician