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Better Jobs Ontario Funding : Can be your new Funding Option!


Better Jobs Ontario’s Funding is a program designed to support individuals in their career transition by providing financial assistance for training and skill development. Better Jobs Ontario Funding is an education funding available for recently laid-off unemployed workers. For many, long-term skills training is essential in the transition to in-demand career opportunities, and our practical programs and real-life training, delivered by high-caliber, industry-expert faculty, can take you there. You just need funding options to get you back to school and work. If you are a recently laid-off unemployed worker, an active EI claimant, or EI reach back, you may be able to access this funding.

Based on your eligibility, Pharma-Medical College can assist you as you:

  • Train for a new career
  • Find out what is needed in the job market
  • Learn about careers that build on your skills
  • Apply for second-career funding

The Better Jobs Ontario Funding empowers you to receive the education and training necessary to become skilled, confident, and in-demand in the marketplace. It provides funding to pay for tuition and supporting expenses such as:

  • Books
  • Living expenses
  • Help to care for dependents
  • Travel & Transportation
  • Disability supports
  • Other living and training costs

You may qualify for Better Jobs Ontario if you either:

  • have been laid off and have not been working or are working a temporary job just to cover costs
  • have not been laid off but have been unemployed for six months or longer and are part of a low-income household

You can still apply if you receive either:

  • Employment Insurance (EI)
  • Ontario Works (OW)
  • Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)

To apply to Better Jobs Ontario, you’ll work with an Employment Ontario agency where staff are trained to:

  • help you decide if this program is right for you
  • help you to complete your application.

Please contact our admission teams today, we can guide you toward next steps. Or you can Contact an employment assessment center to get it started.

What is Better Jobs Ontario Funding?

Better Jobs Ontario Funding is a program offering financial assistance for training and skill development, aiding recently laid-off workers in transitioning to in-demand career opportunities. Pharma Medical Science College of Canada assists eligible individuals in accessing this funding option.

How can it help you?

Better Jobs Ontario Funding supports individuals in obtaining education and training necessary for market demand, covering tuition and expenses such as books, living costs, and transportation. It empowers recipients to become skilled and confident in their chosen careers.

Am I eligible for Better Jobs Ontario?


Eligibility for Better Jobs Ontario Funding includes being recently laid off, unemployed for six months or longer, or part of a low-income household. Applicants may receive Employment Insurance (EI), Ontario Works (OW), or Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP).

How does it work?

To apply, individuals work with Employment Ontario agencies. Staff help determine eligibility and assist in completing applications. Pharma Medical Science College of Canada collaborates with applicants to ensure a smooth application process.

What should I do now?

Contact the admission team at Pharma Medical Science College of Canada or an employment assessment center to begin the process. Guidance will be provided to help applicants navigate the next steps towards accessing Better Jobs Ontario Funding.