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Medical Lab Technician A Very Fast And Lucrative Career In Ontario

With the aging population, there is a growing demand for medical laboratory technicians in all aspects of healthcare. Pharma-Medical Science College’s Diploma Program in Medical Laboratory Technician has a rich and excellent course outline that is fully accredited and is developed according to the standards and the benchmark practices in a typical work-setting in the laboratory field in Canada. The program is designed for students who are going to work as medical laboratory technicians in a hospital, clinics, research labs, etc.

The requirement to start this Program is High School Diploma from any country.

A career as a medical laboratory technician offers you a unique chance to help people while applying the most up-to-date advancements in medical science and technology to prospective patients and clients. The school provides extensive training for laboratory testing services that help healthcare providers to diagnose, treat, monitor and prevent disease in patients. So this program has a noble cause at the back for being the backbone for patient treatment success!

This program includes 13 modules and co-op practice for 1 month (160 hours). It covers all the necessary elements to work as a medical laboratory technician. Our College focuses on both the practical and theoretical knowledge for the diploma Program so that the students are equipped with the right and proper training before they are released for placement. Even some of our students who are on placement get directly hired from their placement due to their excellent phlebotomy and ECG skills acquired during their study time.

After training the students will fully enable lab assistant/technician students to achieve MLA/T certification and become qualified members of the laboratory team. After certification, they are then eligible to sit for the OSMT license exam and practice in the field as professionals in Ontario. Once they have the license they are practically practiced in Hospitals, Medical Clinics, Clinical Research companies, Universities, Health Boards, Insurance Companies, Government laboratories; Home Health Care, Addiction centers, Blood donor centers, Doctor’s office among many places.

What is the Medical Lab Technician Program at Pharma-Medical Science College?

The Medical Lab Technician Program is a fully accredited diploma course at Pharma-Medical Science College, Ontario. Designed to meet Canadian laboratory standards, it prepares students for careers in healthcare facilities like hospitals, clinics, and research labs. The course includes 13 modules and a one-month co-op practice.

Who is eligible for the Medical Lab Technician Program?

Eligibility for this program requires a High School Diploma or equivalent from any country. The program is ideal for those aiming to work as medical laboratory technicians, blending scientific advancement with patient care.

How does the Medical Lab Technician Program support healthcare?

The program trains students in laboratory testing services vital for diagnosing, treating, monitoring, and preventing diseases. It equips students with practical and theoretical knowledge, crucial for the success of patient treatment.

What are the career prospects after completing the Medical Lab Technician Program?

Graduates can become qualified lab assistants/technicians, eligible for MLA/T certification and the OSMT license exam. Successful candidates may work in various healthcare settings in Ontario, including hospitals, clinics, research companies, and government laboratories.

Does the Medical Lab Technician Program offer real-world experience?

Yes, the program includes a one-month co-op practice (160 hours), allowing students to gain hands-on experience. Many students secure employment directly from their placement, thanks to their proficiency in phlebotomy and ECG skills acquired during the program.