New Pathways to Permanent Residency for Caregivers: How Our PSW Program Can Help

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) ‘s announcement of new caregiver pilot programs marks a significant step forward for home care workers seeking permanent residency in Canada. As the existing Home Child Care Provider Pilot and Home Support Worker Pilot near their expiry date on June 17, the new pilot programs offer a streamlined way to permanent residency for caregivers upon their arrival in Canada. This change eliminates the requirement of gaining work experience in the country before applying for permanent residency.

At Pharma Medical Science College of Canada, we understand the importance of this development and how our Personal Support Worker (PSW) program can play a pivotal role in helping aspiring caregivers achieve their goal of permanent residency.

Fundamental Changes in the New Caregiver Pilot Programs

The new caregiver pilot programs come with several significant changes aimed at making it more comfortable for caregivers to secure permanent residency:


Revised Eligibility Criteria:


Language Proficiency: A minimum Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) level of 4, lower than the previous requirement of 5.

Education: Equivalent to a Canadian high school diploma, removing the previous requirement for post-secondary education.

Work Experience: Although details on work experience requirements under the new programs are pending, removing the six-month work experience requirement is a notable change.

Job Offer: A full-time home care job offer is still required.

Why Choose Pharma Medical Science College of Canada’s PSW Program?

Our Support Worker (PSW) program is created to provide students with the skills and knowledge required to excel in caregiving roles. Here’s how our program can support aspiring caregivers on their journey to permanent residency:

Comprehensive Training: Our PSW program provides hands-on training and theoretical knowledge that aligns with the needs of Canada’s healthcare sector.

Language Support: We offer language training to help students achieve the necessary CLB level for permanent residency.

Job Placement Assistance: We assist our graduates in finding full-time home care positions, an essential requirement for the new caregiver pilot programs.

Ongoing Support: Our dedicated staff provides continuous support to ensure our students meet all eligibility criteria for permanent residency.

The Growing Demand for Caregivers in Canada

Canada’s aging population and increasing number of retirees highlight the growing need for caregivers. By 2024-2026, Canada aims to welcome over 15,000 new permanent residents through caregiver programs. A recent report from the Canadian Centre for Caregiving Excellence further underscores the demand for skilled caregivers, pointing out that many current caregivers are over 65 and may need support.

Moreover, as more women join the workforce, the need for reliable childcare providers continues to rise. Statistics Canada data from 2023 shows an increase in women’s labor force participation rate, emphasizing the need for quality childcare solutions.


The new caregiver pilot programs represent a promising prospect for those pursuing a stable and rewarding career in Canada. Pharma Medical Science College of Canada’s PSW program is uniquely positioned to help students take full advantage of these new pathways to permanent residency. By providing comprehensive training, language support, and job placement assistance, we are dedicated to keeping our students every step of the way.

For more information about our PSW program and how it can help you achieve your goals, please visit our website or reach our admissions office.

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