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Ontario Provides Grants to strength more PSW Training

The Ontario government has recently announced more financial assistance/grants opportunities for ontario residents who want to create career as a Personal Support Worker. Launching a $54.7 million financial support program for upto 4000 students participating at private career colleges between June 01 and september 30, 2022. Once eligible, students can receive upto $13690 to cover the cost of tuition, books and other mandatory fees and a wage stipend for clinical placement.

“We support this initiave taken by the ontario government to help increase volume of the Personal Support Workers in the Ontario Healthcare System”, said by Kathy Lee, Dean of Pharma-Medical Science College of Canada. Pharma-Medical College has actively trained thousands of PSW(Personal Support Worker) students and worked alongside long term care centres to ensure that our students receive extensive hands-on training and experience which can lead them a successful career in this healthcare field.

Key Points –

✅ $54.7 million financial support program

✅ Will benefit upto 4000 new students

✅ Enroll in new PSW Program between June 01 and Sept 30, 2022

Pharma-Medical College’s 6 month PSW Program can help you get the required skills with 2 months of work placement to get the practical experience.

Contact Pharma-Medical College for registration. Fill up the form and our admissions team will be in touch with you within 24 hours –

Call +1 416 821 4876 / 1 877 872 4835 and talk to our program coordinator

Working as a PSW (Personal Support Worker) gives you freedom to choose your workplace  such as long term care home, hospital, retirement home etc or choose to become self employed or work at your client’s home.

About Pharma-Medical College 

Pharma-medical Science College of Canada (Pharma-Medical) is one of North America’s leading educational institution dedicated to training healthcare professionals and helping students achieve their career goals in healthcare sectors.

Pharma-Medical is registered as a private career college under the Private Career Colleges Act 2005 in the province of Ontario, and offers post-secondary diploma studies. Students may be eligible to receive financial assistance from Canadian and Ontario governments that include Ontario Student Assistant program (OSAP), Second Career, OW / SA, WSIB, ODSP, etc.

From a lot of years since our Inception, Pharma-Medical has developed extensive experience in teaching students knowledge and practice in the North American pharmaceutical, food, medical and healthcare industries. Pharma-Medical also offers one of the best educational curricula for international professionals seeking employment in North America.