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Connecting Graduates with Career Opportunities: College Hosts In-House PSW Job Fair

At Pharma-Medical Science College of Canada , empowering our graduates with the tools and opportunities for career success is a top priority. We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of our in-house PSW Job Fair, held on May 30th, 2023. This exclusive event aimed to bridge the gap between our accomplished Personal Support Worker (PSW) graduates and prospective employers in the field.


A Tailored Approach to Career Development:

Understanding the unique needs of our PSW graduates, we organized an in-house job fair that catered specifically to their career aspirations. By bringing together reputable employers and talented graduates under one roof, we created a platform that allowed for direct interaction, networking, and interview opportunities.


Networking with Industry Professionals:

The PSW Job Fair provided an exceptional opportunity for our graduates to network with industry professionals who are actively seeking skilled and compassionate individuals. Employers and recruiters from various healthcare facilities, home care agencies, and other related organizations were present, allowing our graduates to make meaningful connections and gain insights into the industry.


Exploring Diverse Career Paths:

The field of personal support offers a wide range of career paths, each with its own unique challenges and opportunities. The job fair showcased the diverse array of career options available to our graduates, including positions in hospitals, long-term care facilities, community care, mental health, and palliative care. This exposure allowed our graduates to explore different avenues and make informed decisions about their professional journey.


On-the-Spot Interviews and Hiring:

One of the standout features of our in-house job fair was the opportunity for graduates to engage in on-the-spot interviews and even receive immediate job offers. This accelerated the hiring process, ensuring that our graduates could secure employment shortly after completing their studies. Such instant feedback and offers of employment instilled confidence in our graduates and affirmed the value of their education and training.

Building a Strong Alumni Network:

The PSW Job Fair served as a catalyst for fostering a strong alumni network. Graduates had the opportunity to reconnect with former classmates, share experiences, and establish long-lasting professional relationships. This network will continue to support and empower our graduates throughout their careers, providing a sense of community and mentorship.