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Pharmacy Assistant

Our Pharmacy Assistant program is designed to train students to work in community and hospital drug stores, Nursing homes and Drug Distribution, repacking Company.

Program Length

34 weeks (900 hours) instructor-led
full-time training with Co-op

Practicum Duration

6 weeks in total of 240 hours

Financial Aid

Free financial consultation available.
Financial aid may be available to those who qualify.
Program Description

Our Pharmacy Assistant program is designed to train students to work in community and hospital drug stores, Nursing homes and Drug Distribution Company. This diploma program covers a broad range of subjects. The students will learn drug and medical terminologies, dosage forms, pharmacy math, pharmacology, toxicology, pharmacy computer dispensing system, merchandise management system, Inventory Management, Pharmacy Legislation and ethics, the community and hospital pharmacy assistant practice in Canada.

After theoretical studies, the students will undergo co-op to enhance their knowledge in the community drug stores like Shoppers’ Drug Mart, Rexall Pharma-Plus, Costco Pharmacy, Walmart Pharmacy etc for 6 weeks in total of 240 hours.

Admission Requirements

Applicant must have Grade 12 level or a university degree or a science college diploma and demonstrated competency in English.

Clinical Practice

After students finish in-class training, students will have an opportunity to complete a minimum of 6 weeks of full-time placement in a clinical facility. Locations such as Costco Pharmacy, Shopper Drug Mart Pharmacy, Rx Pharmacy, and Target Pharmacy etc.

Career Opportunities

Graduates can work on a position in any of these fields:

  • Community drug store
  • Hospital drug store
  • Nursing homes
  • Drug Distribution Company/ Agency
  • Repacking Pharmaceuticals industry

Program Consultation: For further information, email or call the Program Coordinator at 416-821-4876 or 647-996-5876

What is the Pharmacy Assistant Program?

The Pharmacy Assistant Program is designed to train students for roles in various pharmaceutical settings. It encompasses a broad curriculum including drug and medical terminology, pharmacy math, pharmacology, toxicology, pharmacy computer systems, and Canadian pharmacy practices. The program combines theoretical knowledge with practical training, including a co-op placement in community drug stores​​​​.

What are the Admission Requirements?

Applicants must possess at least a Grade 12 level education, a university degree, or a science college diploma. Demonstrated proficiency in English is also required. The program caters to those interested in joining the healthcare sector, particularly in pharmaceutical roles​​​​.

How Long is the Program and What Does It Entail?

The program duration is 34 weeks (900 hours) of instructor-led full-time training, followed by a 6-week (240 hours) practicum. It provides in-depth training in various aspects of pharmacy work, preparing students for a range of responsibilities in the field​​.

What Career Opportunities are Available Post-Completion?

Graduates can find opportunities in community drug stores, hospital drug stores, nursing homes, drug distribution companies/agencies, and in the repackaging pharmaceuticals industry. The program equips students with the skills needed for these roles​​​​.

Can the Program be Studied Online?

Currently, the Pharma-Medical Science College of Canada offers some programs online, but it’s best to contact us directly for the most current information regarding the format of the Pharmacy Assistant Program​​.


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