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I  was enrolled in the Pharma-Medical Science College of Canada to study MLT. Now that I am graduating, I have nothing but great memories to take away with me from this excellent institution. At the heart of it all was the way my teacher, Rita Sethna, conducted the lectures, and created a coherent learning environment for people of various backgrounds and ethnicities which only speaks of her professionalism. 

She facilitated class discussions encouraging open communication between the students. Rita continuously made sure that the entire class was on the same page by handing out quizzes and doing review assignments which properly prepare students for the upcoming tests. The atmosphere inside the class was set in such a way that students freely asked questions, and worked on real-life scenarios presented by the instructor which made the concepts a lot easier to understand and implement. The goal for every student in the program is to successfully finish the exams and move forward to their respective careers. And to that end, the college staff made every effort to assist us in our journey from start to finish. 

I am really happy now to be part of this prestigious and helpful school. 

Shushanik Mikayelan
Medical Lab Technician
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