Celebrating Success: Our Massage Therapy Students Triumph in the 2023 CMTO Exam!

Celebrating Success: Our Massage Therapy Students Triumph in the 2023 CMTO Exam! Cover Image

The path to becoming a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) is marked by rigorous training and extensive preparation, culminating in completing the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO) examinations. These exams, which include Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and an Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE), are designed to rigorously test aspiring therapists’ knowledge, skills, and professional readiness. They serve as a critical benchmark for ensuring that only the most qualified individuals achieve the designation of RMT, ready to contribute effectively and ethically to the healthcare field.

In 2023, Pharma Medical Science College of Canada not only met this benchmark but soared above it, demonstrating the exceptional quality of our massage therapy program and the unparalleled dedication of our students. With the highest number of students participating in the CMTO exams from any college in Ontario, our institution has proven itself as a leader in massage therapy education. 

The results speak volumes about our commitment to excellence and the efficacy of our educational methodologies. As we unfold the details of our students’ remarkable achievements, it is clear that Pharma Medical Science College stands out not only for its academic rigor but also for its profound impact on the professional capabilities of our graduates.

Our Achievements

Our Achievements

Pharma Medical Science College of Canada set a remarkable benchmark in the 2023 CMTO exams this year. Leading with the highest number of participants among all Ontario colleges, our students demonstrated unparalleled excellence. In the OSCE component, 154 of our students participated with 170 attempts. 

Impressively, 128 students passed on their first attempt, contributing to an overall pass rate of 92% among participants and 83% across all attempts. 

These outstanding results highlight a 92% registration eligibility rate, underscoring our students’ proficiency and preparedness. Here are the 2023 CMTO examination statistics, where you can compare how other college students performed compared to the students of PMC from the list of colleges mentioned in the report.

Quality Education at Pharma Medical Science College of Canada

Pharma Medical Science College of Canada is the best massage therapy college in Ontario and is committed to delivering an educational experience that exceeds the norm. Our programs are designed to meet and surpass professional standards, preparing students for exams and successful careers. Our faculty’s expertise, coupled with cutting-edge teaching resources, confirms that our students are well-prepared to meet the demands of the healthcare industry.

Quality Education at Pharma Medical Science College of Canada

Unleashing Potential

At Pharma Medical Science College of Canada, we are dedicated to unlocking the potential of each student. We provide our students with the tools they need to succeed through comprehensive training that includes hands-on practice and theoretical learning. Our supportive learning environment and personalized attention ensure that each student can achieve their best.

Comparative Excellence

Pharma Medical Science College of Canada stands out as the No. 1 college in Toronto for RMT programs, thanks to our exceptional pass rates and comprehensive educational approach. Our commitment to maintaining high education and training standards ensures that our graduates are among the most competent and professional in the field, making them highly sought after by employers.


The stellar performance of our students in the 2023 CMTO exams is a testament to the hard work and quality education provided by Pharma Medical Science College of Canada. We take pride in our students’ achievements and continue to desire excellence in educating the next generation of healthcare professionals. If our success inspires you and you wish to start your journey in massage therapy, we invite you to join us. Contact us at Pharma Medical Science College of Canada today to learn more about our programs & how we can help you achieve your career goals. Let’s celebrate success together!

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