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Top 10 reasons to join the Personal Support Worker Program

The demand for Personal Support Workers is steadily increasing day by day. As our Dean- Kathy Yicong Lee says that “All it requires a Good Heart to be a Personal Support Worker”. While choosing a career as a Personal Support Worker, you will be helping people such as elderly, injured or with disabilities.

A PSW assists with the task of daily living while working in retirement homes, long-term care facilities, hospitals etc. If you are interested in making an impact on the community and help people in need, then the PSW program will be a rewarding career for you. Here are the Top 10 reasons to join the Personal Support Worker Program


1. Job Security

Yes! Personal Support Workers are always in demand around the world as there are a lot of elderly and sick people who need help in performing their daily tasks. As there is a demand then PSW will be required to fulfil it. However, Personal Support Workers often start working as Part-Time as there are tremendous flexible opportunities. With experience, they can always work Full-Time

2. Flexibility

A Personal Support Worker is not a usual 9 to 5 Job. As there are patients who need your help 24×7 and 365 days around then work hours will be flexible and in rotation. This is exciting as you will never get bored. Moreover, if you work for an agency then you can choose your schedule to work with.

3. Rewarding Career

Ever notice how great it feels to help someone in need? Personal Support Worker is a rewarding career as it all requires helping people in need. You will be helping your patient’s eating, taking medications, providing mental and physical support all day long. Being around with people who adore and celebrate you is the best feeling for any human being, thus increasing job satisfaction.

4. Range of working conditions

Being a Personal Support Worker is one of the few careers where your work culture is diverse and you will be working in different work settings almost every time like retirement homes, hospitals, long term care facilities, medical clinics, research institutes and many more. You will be working with different patients and often hear a lot of stories to listen to which keeps you engaged all day long.

5. Job Placement

Yes! Doing a Personal Support Worker program at Pharma-Medical College guarantees you Job placement as it is always great to have a job while you complete your studies and ready to get hands-on practice working in Clinics, long term care facilities, hospitals to gain valuable experience to kickstart their PSW career.

6. Future Career Options

While pursuing a Personal Support Worker program at Pharma-Medical College, you will develop social service and basic nursing skills which is very helpful for you in the future as with years of experience working as PSW, you can become a Registered Nurse, Practical nurse etc. Your career can always bloom around Healthcare and reach new heights in your life

7. Travel

Jobs for Personal Support Workers are everywhere across the world so if you love to travel, you can travel to different places and work. You are not entitled to work in one place all your life. While working for an agency, PSW is sent to different places every time like nursing homes, hospitals, private care etc which will keep your mind fresh.

8. Avoid Wasting Time

Graduates of the Personal Support Worker program at Pharma-medical College are fully prepared and get ready to join the PSW field in just 28 weeks which includes in-class and work placement. The program schedule is flexible and interested students can choose the best time offered between morning, afternoon and evenings according to their suitability.

9. Financial Support

The fee for the Personal Support Worker program at Pharma-medical College is optimal as it won’t make a hole in your pocket in order to pursue the program. Moreover, Pharma-Medical college provides free financial consultation. Personal Support Workers earn well and can manage their expenses with little management skills.

10. You don’t need it

You don’t really need another reason to understand why a Personal Support Worker program is best for you. Start a rewarding career in this Healthcare field and help your community. Trust Pharma-Medical College to create your own future.

How to Apply for Personal Support Worker Program

You are only 1 Phone call away from starting a rewarding career as a Personal Support Worker. Call at +1 416 821 4876 / +1 647 996 5876 to get more information on our PSW program. You can also email us at –

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