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Ultrasound Technologist Co-Op Placement

Pharma-Medical Science College of Canada (PMCC) is a reputed North-American institution and we have been offering Ultrasound Exam Preparation Training Programs (ARDMS Licensing) for all the international medical graduates over an extensive period of time.

We have a 100% Exam passing rate at our College and our students are practicing all over Canada successfully as sonographers in the field of both General and Echo Ultra-Sonography. Right now Sonography is a very well-defined, respectful and reputed profession in Canada with bright future and lucrative career growth.

Pharma-Medical Science College of Canada has come up with a brilliant arrangement with clinical placement facilities all over in GTA for all its students who received the ARDMS license after receiving exam preparation training from our College.

The clinical placement is a fantastic arrangement between the School and the clinical facility that will make sure that students are very well-equipped and that they have the right set of skills necessary to enter into the labor market success and secure a stable career thereafter.

Benefits of Clinical Placement

1. It contributes to the development of their personal clinical education, supervision and leadership skills to a greater extent.

2. It will help them enhance their communication skill and also improve their interaction skills

3. It will keep them up to date with theories and evidence-based practicum.

4. It will assist them with workload management, once the student is well-experienced.

5. It will provide an opportunity for the students to develop their professional and ethical manners.

6. Students can work on an evidence-based, real-time environment.

7. Help students with quality assurance activities.

8. It also helps to support and promote diversity in the workplace.

So why not try PSCC and make your dream come true as sonographers!