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What Is Our Nutrition Program?
If you are interested in a career in nutrition, dietetics, food service management, or as a nutrition educator, or a diet technician; this program could be for you! Learn more about the weight management, sports nutrition, nutrition through the lifespan, nutrition assessment, food safety-HACCP, food, and nutrition in the health industry. Join our Diploma Program in FOOD, NUTRITION & HEALTH, which provides you the knowledge of human nutrition and its connection to health and wellness. Students in this program will comprehend the basics of nutrition, planning healthy diets, and the role of food and nutrition in the human body. They will also learn about the body’s role in health, fitness, and nutrition-related diseases. After graduating from this Diploma Program, students will be able to assist the Clinical Nutritionists or Dietitians to plan menus and supervise food service establishments. They will also be capable of providing nutritional care to low and moderate risk patients as delegated by the Registered Dietitian, planning a diet for individuals under the direction of a Dietitian or Nutritionist, and performing a variety of activities to ensure the effective provision of nutrition care. Financial options and government assistance may be available for those who qualify. Call us today at 416-821-4876; 647-996-5876 or email us at