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About Pharma-Medical Science College of Canada

Pharma-medical Science College of Canada (Pharma-Medical) is one of North America’s leading educational institution dedicated to training healthcare professionals and helping students achieve their career goals in healthcare sectors.

Who We Are

Pharma-medical Science College of Canada (Pharma-Medical) is one of North America’s leading educational institution dedicated to training healthcare professionals and helping students achieve their career goals in healthcare sectors. Pharma-Medical is registered as a private career college under the Ontario Career Colleges Act 2005 in the province of Ontario, and offers post-secondary diploma studies. Students may be eligible to receive financial assistance from Canadian and Ontario governments that include Ontario Student Assistant program (OSAP), Second Career, OW / SA, WSIB, ODSP, etc. From a lot of years since our Inception, Pharma-Medical has developed extensive experience in teaching students knowledge and practice in the North American pharmaceutical, food, medical and healthcare industries. Pharma-Medical also offers one of the best educational curricula for international professionals seeking employment in North America.

Pharma-Medical diplomas are highly recognized within the North American pharmaceutical and medical industries. The excellent instructor team and the high graduate employment ratio distinguish us as an influential Canadian college within the healthcare industry.

Accreditation and Recognition

Pharma-Medical is accredited and recognized by many professional authorities including:

High-Quality Curriculum

Our ideology is to merge theoretical learning and hands-on experience. The industry sectors covered are:

  • Pharmaceutical industry: Pharmaceutical manufacturing, quality control, quality assurance, management, and approval procedures for new drugs, drug distribution, etc.
  • Food industry: Manufacturing, quality control, quality assurance, etc.
  • Healthcare technician industry: Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Registered Massage Therapist, Medical Lab Technician, Pharmacy Assistant, Physiotherapist and Occupational therapist Technician,
  • Medical/pharmacist industry: Ultrasound exam prep, Registered Pharmacist exam prep, Registered Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapists
  • Nursing industry: Registered Nurses exam prep, Registered Practical Nurses exam prep, Personal Support Worker
  • Management roles: Medical office administration, and Community Service.

The program’s curriculum will teach students not only the subject knowledge and practical skills, but they also receive real industry experience while enrolled in Pharma-Medical. Our institution prides itself on having a large number of graduates who have successfully obtained satisfactory jobs in the pharma-medical industry.

Modern Laboratories

The college is designed for students to learn and perform research in modern laboratories. We encourage students to obtain hands-on experiences using the latest technologies that are comparable to those used in the healthcare industry. Pharma-Medical labs include:

  1. Cardiac and Generalist Ultrasound Lab
  2. Massage Clinic
  3. Acupuncture Clinic
  4. Esthetic and Medical Esthetic Clinic
  5. Medical Lab
  6. Physiotherapy Lab
  7. Personal Support Worker Lab
  8. Pharmacy Assistant Simulation Lab
  9. Early Childcare Assistant Lab
  10. Pharmaceutical and Food Analytical Lab
  11. Microbiology Lab
Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) information

Yeetech Technology Inc. O/A Pharma-Medical is registered as private career college under the Private Career College Act 2005. The superintendent of Private Career Colleges issued a policy directive containing five key PCC KPI’s as below

  • Graduation rate
  • Graduate employment rate
  • Graduate employment rate in the field of study
  • Graduate satisfaction rate
  • Employer satisfaction rate
  • Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) default rate.

The Graduation Rate is calculated from data submitted and audited by PCC thrice a year. The remaining four KPIs are calculated from the surveys taken from the graduates and their employers. Moreover, the ministry also calculate OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program) loan default rate approved for PCC to accept students assisted by OSAP

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To check the most recent KPI results, check –

For 2021 :

For 2020 :

Teaching Superiority

Each of our programs has integrated Canadian experience built into their framework, which is supported by strategies for problem-solving in real world. All of our instructors have years or decades of work experience in their respective industries and extensive teaching experience to deliver inclusive and engaging classes. Our courses are supported by guest speakers, relevant industry-professional visits, and career networking events held at the end of each session. We keep close contact with alumni who are happy to return to Pharma-Medical to share their work experiences with current students.


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