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I was enrolled at the Pharma-Medical Science College of Canada and studied ECA program three months ago.I appreciate the time I spent at the PSCC, it provided me with the practical knowledge and experience I need to succeed as an ECA. During the time I spent at PSCC, I was surrounded by professional and knowledgeable teachers and like-minded peers in class that are looking to succeed in the field.
The Early Childcare Assistant Program is very well structured. It combined both the practical hands-on training and theoretical knowledge. It provided us with a comprehensive introduction to child growth, behavior and development, curriculum planning and health, safety, and nutrition from, a family-centered practice approach. 
Among the many helpful staff members, I especilally appreaicate the positive and encouraging guidance of my teacher Ms. Yegana. She was a teacher who is very knowledgeable and very patient with our questions and cared about our success. 
At PSCC, I learned all the practical hands-on training and theoretical knowledge about ECA, I have gained enough knowledge and confidence to face all the challenges in my future career. 
Ya Juan Liu
Early Childcare Assistant